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Diff, Pop-up for Helideck

This Pop-Up nozzle is available in three sizes, compact, Standard and Micro.

The Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Nozzle (DIFF) is a high-speed water flow nozzle, designed and manufactured by Fireproducts. The nozzle has been full-scale tested and successfully witnessed and approved by DNV.

The nozzle is designed for vertical installation (facing upwards) on a helicopter deck. The nozzle has no deflection plate for distributing the water. That means that the water has no obstruction. The nozzle does not need high pressure to firmly distribute the water both in height and width.


This Pop-Up nozzle is available in these materials:

Titanium Gr.2

Stainless steel

Super Duplex steel

Duplex Steel


See datasheet for more information: